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The livelihood in Slovenia

The Slovenia is in the south central European part, in which they experience a moderate climate and four (4) seasons such as spring, summer, fall and winter. In connection to that even though they have spring and winter season there are still other places in Slovenia that would cater them a climate for agriculture. In which agriculture has been one of the livelihood for the people of Slovenia mainly because through farming it would enable them to help and use it as a source of income and ways of living in their places. On the other hand, they also have a private family farms but only 20 percent of them were full-time farmers and some are just part-time farmers. The reason why some of the farmers are part-timers because some younger group of people in Slovenia have taken a job opportunities outside the agriculture and thus through that the working responsibilities in farm was being cater and done by the retired people and part-timers. The production of agriculture in Slovenia comprises of animal production (livestock/dairy farms), crop production and forestry. They also have rural tourism (farm tourism) and other supplementary activities that would help the people of Slovenia for economic activities. This would help them as well to create a jobs opportunities and generated an additional source of income for farm and rural families.

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